Camp Fairbridge Point Peron

Camp Fairbridge Point Peron is situated in the spectacular Shoalwater Marine Park and boasts direct beach access to a beautiful and unique marine setting. It offers exciting programs which motivate children of all ages and help to develop their self-esteem, teamwork, and cooperative skills.

Our camp at Point Peron can accommodate 168 students with a configuration of four 32-bed dormitories and two 20-bed dormitories. There are two supervisor rooms in each of the large dormitories and two double rooms in the smaller dormitories. This camp is available to school and community groups. Self-catering is available onsite.

Activities at Camp Fairbridge Point Peron:


Abseiling is a controlled descent or rappelling down a near-vertical wall via a fixed rope. Our professional and qualified instructor will demonstrate the equipment necessary to abseil and discuss safety and the use of safety equipment. Participants have time to practice on flat ground the process of abseiling and what to expect before climbing the abseiling tower and putting their new skills to the test.


Learn simple skills and gain basic knowledge on how to safely use the required equipment to achieve great heights in our professional indoor climbing center. Full Day or Day & Night program can be run in 2 x 3-hour sessions. This program incorporates all 6 of the climbing activities, such as Prusik, Cave Ladder, Ropes, Boulder, Rock Climb, and Crate Climb.

Snakes & Ladders

    Prussiking: a method of ascending and descending a rope with a friction knot called a ‘prusik’ knot.

    Caving Ladder: climbing up a wire rung ladder used in caving activities and in rescue operations, negotiate the narrow holds as the ladder swings back and forth.

    Rope Climbing: a thick snake-like rope with minimal knots will test even the most skilled climber to discover the best method to ascend this brand-new climbing activity.

Multi-Climb Challenge

    Bouldering: learn basic climbing skills including body positioning, grip, footwork, and balance to help navigate a low level of rock wall holds. This activity requires teamwork and the spotting of participants in pairs or small groups.

    Rock Climbing: climbing up, down, or across various rocks to ascend one of our three 12m climbing walls, then attempting one of the two walls with an overhang.

    Crate Climbing: Team building at its finest. Work together to build a tower of crates efficiently and effectively, allowing one team member who is attached to a safety line to climb up to reach the top. Can you beat the record of 22 crates high?

Water Balance

A great team-building activity with a combination of fun games and skill sessions on the beach and in the water. Participants will gain water confidence, paddling, and balance skills using a mixture of landing pads, kayaks, body boards, and other floating aids to challenge each other in a rescue.
Kayak: An introduction to kayaking with a combination of paddling skills, rescue techniques, and balancing all while taking in the breathtaking shoreline views.

Surf Awareness Games: Participants need to listen carefully to the instructor for some surf safety and awareness skills. A fun way to introduce basic surf and water awareness, sun safety, first aid preparedness, and water rescue tactics. (SUPS for yr7+)

Above & Below

An introduction to two remarkable water-based activities. Gain water confidence and skills to explore the remarkable Point Peron above and below the waterline.

Kayak: An introduction to kayaking with a combination of paddling skills, rescue techniques, and balancing all while taking in the breathtaking shoreline views.

Snorkel: Participants learn how to fit a snorkel and mask and basic breathing and safety techniques. Head below the waterline to discover the fascinating marine environment and learn a little history about the protected rocky outcrops and waterways of Cape Peron.

Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) year 7+: Discover the shoreline above the water on SUPs, testing your core skills and balance! Participants will gain water confidence, paddling, and balance skills during teamwork. The Activity Coordinator will be in touch if undesirable weather plans to impact the sessions.

Snorkel Fantastic

Develop the skills and knowledge required to snorkel safely as a group whilst discovering the variety of flora and fauna that call Cape Peron home. Only available from October to April.

Discovery Paddle

A combination of skill sessions and instructional games on either canoes or kayaks, followed by a paddle along the beautiful coastline of Cape Peron. Participants will gain water confidence, paddling, and balance skills and will require a certain level of water confidence and determination to paddle the distance.

Shipwreck Challenge

Beach Games: Participants work together in small groups to complete various sand and water-themed tasks earning them points.

Raft Building: Participants are shown simple knot-tying skills by our friendly instructors. Then they’re allocated raft-building resources and tips on construction. It’s up to the team to design, build and test it to float with or without participants on top.

Keep on Target

Archery: Learn safe bow and arrow handling procedures, and how to hit targets in a controlled environment.

Compass Orienteering: Participants learn basic orienteering skills to read a map and compass, navigate the site, find targets or objects, and answer questions.

Challenge - Cape Peron

A brand-new Challenge designed to inspire, educate, and challenge all participants in a fun and engaging way. Participants will learn about the unique environment, distinct cultural uses, and rich military history of ‘Cape Peron’.

Participants then enlist as a team and are allocated relevant duties to collect supplies and navigate themselves through varying challenges. It will require them to use their newfound knowledge to complete meaningful tasks to build personal growth and team unity. This activity does require participants to go walking offsite, supervised. The option to stay onsite within camp school grounds to complete this challenge is available with prior request.

TEAM Games

TEAM building is where participants are given an opportunity to learn team-building skills; working together problem-solving and communicating effectively and mindfulness to complete various fun games. Low ropes and balance logs create a higher difficulty for older participants requiring balance, and support and help build leadership skills.

Bushwalking Skills

Bushwalking can occur in a diverse range of environments/natural areas, it can be a short family walk, a day walk, an outdoor education expedition, or as part of an overnight hike. During this activity, participants will learn what to do when preparing themselves to bushwalk through Australia’s natural bush and coastlines. From packing a backpack, to snake bite preparedness, shelter builds, or lighting a fire to keep warm, there are many new skills to learn from a half day with our lead instructors. Participants will also learn different ways to navigate themselves when out in remote locations. Overnight camping in a tent or cooking meals is an additional option available on request.

Night Activity

1.5 hours of instructor-facilitated activities, available between 7.00 pm and 8.30 pm. Select one activity from these options:
Quiz Night, Minute to Win It, or Firepit Games (seasonal).


Scavenger Hunt: This self-facilitated activity is available for teachers via email prior to camp. The scavenger hunt is designed to allow participants to navigate their camp school grounds, find objects, and answer important questions about each specific site, including dorm rules, the location of meals, and important safety notices.

Camp Fairbridge Point Peron

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