Join Fairbridge on a SeaTrek: The experience of a lifetime

in 2023, Fairbridge is seeking interest from schools to join us on a SeaTrek through some of WA’s most iconic marine environments.

2023 will be SeaTrek’s 20-year anniversary in the Dampier Archipelago. Using one of Fairbridge’s fleet of yachts, expeditions are 18 to 24 students with two teachers. The treks start and end at Fairbridge’s Dampier camp facilities. 


SeaTrek is a learning experience. Students learn sailing, seamanship and marine safety.


SeaTrek consists of up to four days sailing with three nights camping on one of the any islands in and around Dampier archipelago. Prior to the trek, a preparation briefing at our Point Peron camp facility will be held. Students will learn the key features of a sailing boat, have a practice sail in Cockburn Sound and learn about camp cooking. 

In addition, students learn teamwork, personal resilience and leadership. Treks will also include a briefing on the history and environment of Dampier.

SeaTrek is led by Mark McRae – one of Australia’s most respected sailing masters – along with a team of experienced women and men sailors and educators. 

Fairbridge provides the yachts, safety gear, fishing gear, support vessels, camping equipment, food, accommodation and importantly a skilled sailing master and guides. 

You provide the students and prepare for the experience of a lifetime. 


For inquiries and bookings, please send your email to Jacqui Ellingham:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (08) 9531 7962

We offer a wide range of activities on the Seatrek


Learn basic sailing principles, such as wind direction, sail trimming, steering techniques, and understanding how to safely navigate different points of sail.


Our students cast their lines into the water, patiently awaiting the excitement of a potential catch.


Learning seamanship equips sailors with essential skills and knowledge to navigate the seas safely, including understanding knots, sail handling, and navigation techniques.


Learning sea navigation involves mastering the art of chart reading, understanding celestial navigation, utilising navigational instruments, and interpreting weather patterns to ensure precise and accurate course plotting on the open waters.


Camping allows individuals to reconnect with nature, unwind from the pressures of everyday life, and create lasting memories while enjoying activities such as hiking, stargazing, and gathering around a campfire.

Knots and Rigging

Learning knots and rigging is essential for sailors as it enables them to secure ropes, adjust sails, and handle various tasks on board, ensuring safety and efficient maneuvering of the vessel.

Camp Cooking

Learning camp cooking involves acquiring skills in preparing delicious meals using limited resources and cooking equipment, mastering fire building and camp recipes.

Maritime Safety

Learn maritime safety encompasses understanding and implementing crucial safety protocols, including proper use of life-saving equipment, navigation rules, emergency procedures, weather awareness, and maintaining a vigilant watch.

and so much more...

Download the SeaTrek Flyer here