Camp Fairbridge Geraldton

The capital of the Mid-West region boasts one of the best of coastal towns with stunning wildflowers and a beautiful Foreshore.  Attractions include the iconic lighthouse, the HMAS Sydney Memorial, and the Houtman Abrolhos Islands which are located 80km off the coast of Geraldton. The city has a rich long-spanning heritage with much of that still preserved throughout the City.

Camp Fairbridge Geraldton was originally designed so that government school students could extend their educational opportunities outside the regular school setting. This camp is now available to all schools and community groups.  Our Geraldton Camp also offers exciting programs which motivate children of all ages and help to develop their self-esteem, teamwork, and cooperative skills.


The Geraldton campsite can accommodate 86 people. All dormitories have reverse cycle air-conditioning with a disability access to Batavia and Forrest. The campsite has ramp access to most of the buildings, although there are some limitations with pathways to the camp amenities around the site. Geraldton is available to school and community groups.

Activities at Camp Fairbridge Geraldton:


Less than 10 minutes from Geraldton Camps school are the beautiful sandy slopes of South Gates beach. Participants walk out along the natural sandy track to the sand dune base. They then learn sand dune safety and the basic skills of sandboarding. In pairs or small groups, they will wax their boards and head, one at a time, up the side of the steep sandy slope to the top. Once they’ve taken in the breathtaking views, they sandboard down the slope to be met by their team at the bottom and continue to rotate through with their buddies. Sandboarding with Fairbridge is done in a seated position, we do not allow standing on boards. Suitable fitness is required to walk to dunes along the track and to walk up and down dune systems. Suitable enclosed shoes and SunSmart attire are recommended.

Coastal Cycling

The Geraldton Coastal Cycle allows participants to learn the basic skills of cycling before putting pedals on the pavement. Ride along the local pathways and trails of the Geraldton foreshore toward its town center. Stop off for a quick self-facilitated tour of the Geraldton Museum available for a donation (pre-book), then return on a bike back to camp.

Shipwreck Challenge

Beach Games: Participants work together in small groups to complete various sand and water-themed tasks earning them points.
Raft Building: Participants are shown simple knot-tying skills by our friendly instructors. Then they’re allocated raft-building resources and tips on construction. It’s up to the team to design, build and test it to float with or without participants on top.

Challenge – Geraldton

A challenge designed to inspire, educate, and challenge all participants in a fun and engaging way: Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). Complete a series of team challenges to develop problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills. Then implement these new skills by completing a final task. Standard activity is a mix of onsite and offsite within a short walk to the nearest beach/oval only 800m, please request if you prefer it to be onsite only.

Keep on Target

Archery: Learn safe bow and arrow handling procedures, and how to hit targets in a controlled environment.

Slingshot : Practice some knot-tying skills, then receive the challenge to build a slingshot from wooden beams & ropes. Work on planning & teamwork skills to find a way to create a sturdy catapult with the ability to launch projectiles onto various target challenges.

Night Activity

1.5 hours of instructor-facilitated activities, available between 7.00 pm and 8.30 pm. Select one activity from these options:
Quiz Night, Minute to Win It, or Firepit Games (seasonal).


Orienteering: Participants learn basic orienteering skills to be able to read a map and navigate the site and find targets or objects and answer questions. This activity cannot be run simultaneously with Archery due to the safety exclusion zone.

Quiz Night: Set of questions and games available for teachers to self-facilitate an evening quiz night for their students. Encourage fun competition by including your own prizes and even add your own personalized category. Can be tailored to individual ages.

Scavenger Hunt: The scavenger hunt is designed to allow participants to navigate their way around the camp school grounds, find objects, and answer important questions about the site, including dorm rules, location of meals, and important safety notices.

Camp Fairbridge Geraldton

Postal Address: 347 Chapman Road, Bluff Point, Geraldton, WA 6530

Telephone: (08) 9531 1177 or 1800 440 770

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