Camp Fairbridge Dampier

At the gateway to the 42 Islands of the Dampier Archipelago in the North West of WA. Blessed with beautiful beaches and warm, sunny weather, this outback coastal town is a mecca for outdoor water activities.

Swimming, sailing, boating, fishing, diving, snorkeling and wind surfing can be enjoyed here all year round. Just 20km from Karratha, this pretty port town overlooking Hampton Harbour and the Dampier Archipelago.

Our experienced instructors can take your participants on a journey of development, through Adventure Education on one of our many amazing aerial activities such as the flying fox, giant swing, high ropes, or abseiling 

Or, enjoy a program of personal development and connection individually and as a group with one of our land-based Wilderness Education programs involving Historical tours, shelter building, compass orienteering, mountain bike skills or catapult contests. 

Activities at Camp Fairbridge Dampier:

SeaTrek North Sailing Expedition

This is Camp Fairbridge’s signature sailing program. The northern expedition involves participants using 5m sailing dinghies to explore the Dampier Archipelago.The days will be spent boating and the evenings camping under the stars on a selection of the 42 islands. This program involves a high level of engagement where participants will be challenged to respond to the ever-changing environmental conditions.  They will learn the importance of communication, teamwork, and leadership as they make decisions on where to sail, snorkel, cook, and camp. This activity is a specialised program, further information and costs can be requested by the Sailing Co-ordinator. Other sailing program opportunities can be discussed for multi-age groups as well.

Sam’s Island

Located one kilometer from the Dampier foreshore, participants make their way to Tidepool Island locally known as Sam’s Island. Learn about the history of Sam Ostojich, who transformed the rocky site into an oasis of his own – by building his own castle. Follow this with a half day of snorkeling and fishing.

Water Balance

A great team-building activity with a combination of fun games and skill sessions on the beach and in the water. Participants will gain water confidence, paddling, and balance skills using a mixture of landing pads, kayaks, body boards, and other floating aids to challenge each other in a rescue.
Kayak: An introduction to kayaking with a combination of paddling skills, rescue techniques, and balancing all while taking in the breathtaking shoreline views.

Surf Awareness Games: Participants need to listen carefully to the instructor for some surf safety and awareness skills. A fun way to introduce basic surf and water awareness, sun safety, first aid preparedness, and water rescue tactics.

Discovery Paddle

A combination of skill sessions and instructional games on either canoes or kayaks, followed by a paddle along the beautiful coastline of Dampier. Participants will gain water confidence, paddling, and balance skills and will require a certain level of water confidence and determination to paddle the distance.

Shipwreck Challenge

    Beach Games: Participants work together in small groups to complete various sand and water-themed tasks earning them points.

    Raft Building: Participants are shown simple knot-tying skills by our friendly instructors. Then they’re allocated raft-building resources and tips on construction. It’s up to the team to design, build and test it to float with or without participants on top.

Challenge – Dampier

A challenge designed to inspire, educate, and challenge all participants in a fun and engaging way: Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). Complete a series of team challenges to develop problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills. Then implement these new skills by completing a final task. Standard activity is a mix of onsite and offsite within a short walk to the nearest beach/oval only 800m, please request if you prefer it to be onsite only.

Keep on Target

    Archery: Learn safe bow and arrow handling procedures, and how to hit targets in a controlled environment.

    TEAM: TEAM building participants are given an opportunity to learn team-building skills; working together problem-solving, communicating effectively, and mindfulness to complete various fun games.

Night Activity

1.5 hours of instructor-facilitated activities, available between 7.00 pm and 8.30 pm. Select one activity from these options:
Quiz Night, Minute to Win It, or Firepit Games (seasonal).


    Orienteering: Participants learn basic orienteering skills to be able to read a map and navigate the site and find targets or objects and answer questions. This activity cannot be run simultaneously with Archery due to the safety exclusion zone. Quiz Night: Set of questions and games available for teachers to self-facilitate an evening quiz night for their students. Encourage fun competition by including your own prizes and even add your own personalized category. Can be tailored to individual ages.


A sailing expedition run over 3 or 5 days around the Dampier Archipelago. The group considers options, navigates and sets up camp on one of the 42 islands having the opportunity to experience the reward and consequences of their decisions. Packing, carrying, preparing and being responsible for everything you need to thrive in the environment draws on attributes many do not know they have.

Refined over 20 years of trek experience are modified during and after each trek. We learn from every experience. The group considers options, navigates and sets up camps throughout the 42 islands in the Archipelago having the opportunity to experience the reward and consequences of their decisions.

Students receive extensive training prior to treks, however, the real learning often happens on the trek itself and in the aftermath.

Camp Fairbridge Dampier

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