Camp Fairbridge Pinjarra

Camp Fairbridge Pinjarra accommodation consists of 24 South African and English-inspired cottages, each with its own unique piece of history. Fairbridge Village is the size of a small town with over 55 buildings scattered through a large bush area. Here, native trees and flowers are preserved and native wildlife roams freely.  Fairbridge Village is a nationally and internationally recognised site, both for its heritage and its environmental significance. The facilities include a Cafe, a 25m swimming pool, a full-sized sporting oval with football, soccer, and cricket facilities, gas barbecues, and picnic areas.

Accommodation is in the original cottages and sizes range from 4 to 54 people with a total capacity of up to 350 beds.

Our adventure activities help participants build self-confidence and teach them how to be part of a team. The influence of Fairbridge’s natural environment, the opportunity to escape the pressures of urban life, and the sense of achievement that occurs, all help to increase participants’ abilities and confidence. Many activities are mapped to the WA Curriculum Outcomes.

Activities at Camp Fairbridge Pinjarra:


Abseiling is a controlled descent or rappelling down a near-vertical wall via a fixed rope. Our professional and qualified instructor will demonstrate the equipment necessary to abseil and discuss safety and the use of safety equipment. Participants have time to practice on flat ground the process of abseiling and what to expect before climbing the abseiling tower and putting their new skills to the test.

High Ropes

Fairbridge High Ropes course is made up of various elements from 3.5m off the ground. Secured with a harness, participants navigate the course as it gets higher and more difficult. Work in pairs to develop a support network and teamwork to keep each other safe and on track.

Mountain Biking

Learn the basic skills of mountain biking, then put theory into practice and experience the environment while traveling along the local tracks and trails of Fairbridge Village. Option to learn specific mountain bike skills on local pump tracks/trails is available upon discussion with Fairbridge Activity Co-ordinator as part of an ‘Advanced Biking Program’.

Challenge – Fairbridge Village

A brand-new Challenge designed to inspire, educate, and challenge all participants in a fun and engaging way. Did you know Fairbridge school students lived, schooled, and worked at Fairbridge Farm? Learn firsthand the chores/recreation the children did at Fairbridge and use this newfound knowledge to complete meaningful challenges to build personal growth and team unity.

Keep on Target

    Archery: Learn safe bow and arrow handling procedures, and how to hit targets in a controlled environment.

    TEAM: TEAM building participants are given an opportunity to learn team-building skills; working together problem-solving, communicating effectively, and mindfulness to complete various fun games.

Night Activity

1.5 hours of instructor-facilitated activities, available between 7.00 pm and 8.30 pm. Select one activity from these options:
Quiz Night, Minute to Win It, or Firepit Games (seasonal).

Fairbridge Village Tour

Learn about the ‘way of living’ of the students when they arrived at Fairbridge; what they wore, what they learned on the farm, and what they did for fun. Then check out the amazing historical museum and chapel under the guidance of one of our experienced facilitators.


    Orienteering: Participants learn basic orienteering skills to be able to read a map and navigate the site and find targets or objects and answer questions. This activity cannot be run simultaneously with Archery due to the safety exclusion zone. Quiz Night: Set of questions and games available for teachers to self-facilitate an evening quiz night for their students. Encourage fun competition by including your own prizes and even add your own personalized category. Can be tailored to individual ages.

Camp Fairbridge Pinjarra

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